The Other Mozart by Sylvia Milo at Halifax Fringe
Presented by Sofi Lambert

August 29th to September 8th

The Other Mozart by Sylvia Milo
Presented by Sofi Lambert

70 min
Parental Guidance

L’Autre Mozart c’est l’histoire vraie et méconnue de Nannerl Mozart, la soeur d’Amadeus, une enfant prodige et une compositrice qui a joué partout en Europe avec son frère. Tout aussi acclamée que son prodigieux frère, son talent et sa trajectoire ont malheureusement été dissous et perdus dans l’Histoire. La pièce est basée sur les faits, les histoires et des récits tirés directement des lettres humoristiques et déchirantes de la famille Mozart.

The Other Mozart is the true, forgotten story of Nannerl Mozart, the sister of Amadeus – a prodigy, virtuoso and composer who performed throughout Europe with her brother, to equal acclaim – but her work and her story faded away, lost to history. The play is based on facts, stories and lines pulled directly from the Mozart family’s humorous and heartbreaking letters.

Neptune Scotiabank Studio Stage, 1589 Argyle Street

Saturday, August 31st at 3:30 PM (English)
Sunday, September 1st at 9:45 PM (English)
Monday, September 2nd at 8:00 PM (English)
Tuesday, September 3rd at 10:30 PM (Français)
Wednesday, September 4th at 9:00 PM (Français)

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Neptune Scotiabank Studio Theatre

1589 Argyle Street
Halifax, NS B3J 2B2

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