King of the Goats at Halifax Fringe
Presented by Matchstick Theatre

August 29th - September 8th

King of the Goats by Henricus Gielis
Presented by Matchstick Theatre

40 min

Henricus Gielis is the King of the Goats. But who are the Goats? What even is a Goat? Do we all believe in the same Goats? In this new comedy from Matchstick Theatre we discover that HENRICUS GIELIS IS THE ONE TRUE GOAT KING. Only 40 minutes.

The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op, 2203 Gottingen Street

Thursday, August 29 at 8:45 PM
Sunday, September 1st at 11:00 AM
Monday, September 2nd at 1:00 PM
Tuesday, September 3rd at 9:45 PM
Thursday, September 5th at 9:50 PM
Friday, September 6th at 5:35 PM, 11:59 PM
[CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER] Saturday, September 7th at 10:25 PM

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Bus Stop Theatre

2203 Gottingen Street
Halifax, NS

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