Siddhartha's Intent presents Khenpo Choying Dorje teaching on "How to Milk a Painted Cow"

Tue, Mar 5 from 7pm - 9pm

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Khenpo Choying Dorje, an eminent Buddhist scholar and head principal and abbot of Dzongsar Institute in Chauntra, India, is visiting Halifax to teach on the Mahayana: the mind training of lojong and the Middle Way philosophy.  
Khenpo is known as an approachable and interactive teacher with a contemporary outlook and a vigorous speaking style. He was asked by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche to give these teachings in cities around the world. 

“How to Milk A Painted Cow” is the story told of Chandrakirti, a famed Mahayana master who once fed the monks of his monastery in a time of famine by milking the painting of a cow. If we were to believe that the story was true, then how was that possible? Did Chandrakirti master the power of alchemy? Or was it that he has mastered the power of mind – the realisation of sunyata (emptiness)?


6218 Quinpool
Halifax, NS

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