Fox: Closing matinee

Sun, Feb 24 at 2pm

This event has passed.

The Villain's Theatre presents a high-energy comedy about greed - cut through with a modern cry against misogyny. When a woman is put on trial for attempted murder, the people around her conspire and warp the truth to suit their own ends. A site-specific courtroom menagerie, Fox restores a voice that has been silenced for hundreds of years, refocusing the lens of an uproarious farce to remember the women who have been left in the dust.

Adapted from Ben Jonson's Volpone by Dan Bray, Colleen MacIsaac, and Kathryn McCormack
Directed by Kathryn McCormack

Featuring performances by Dan Bray, Nick Cox, Stepheny Hunter, Lara Lewis, Colleen MacIsaac, and Jessica Oliver.
With Stage Manager Patricia Vinluan, Associate Producer Vicky Coo, Costume Designer Kaelen MacDonald, Lighting Designer Vicky Williams, and Assistant Director Kathryn Reeves.

Note: This production contains reference to sexual assault. We are committed to providing a safe space for this production. We would like to invite anyone who has questions about this content to please email 

The venue is wheelchair accessible, with access to both genedered and gender-neutral washrooms.

The Weldon Law Building

6061 University Ave
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

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