The Negroes are Congregating
by Natasha Adiyana Morris

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60 min
Experiential, Dramatic, Truth
Mature Audiences only

The Negroes are Congregating is a contemporary piece that sheds light on the
psychological burden of internal racism within the North America Black experience
delivered through a fusion of spoken word satire and soulful dialect. Audiences are
interactively engaged with the fluidity of stances about what it means to be Black and
proud. Bubbling. Haunting. 100% Unapologetic. Set to be presented at this year’s Black
Theatre Network Conference in Memphis Tennessee and The Atlanta Black Theatre
Produced by Troy De Four; written and directed by Natasha Adiyana Morris; performed
by Angaer Arop, David Delisca, and Dennis W. Langley

Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen Street

Sunday September 2nd 12:30pm
Wednesday September 5th 6:30pm
Friday September 7th 9pm
Saturday September 8th 4pm
Sunday September 9th 2:30pm

Bus Stop Theatre

2203 Gottingen Street
Halifax, NS