International Music Concert

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Come and join us on our second musical journey around the globe with more than 20 international musicians and dancers presenting a concert of different genre of music and dance at Paul O’Regan Hall in Halifax’s Central Library.

Don’t miss a night of instrumental and song that celebrates the cultural diversity that is Halifax with music from China, Central Asia, India, Persia, Arabic countries, Africa, Europe and North America.

Mohammad Sahraei (Organizer): Tar, Singer

Lukas pears: Double Bass

Matt Galant: Drums

Daniel MacNail: Oud, Indian Sitar, Dunbek

Behrooz Mihankhah: Piano

Yousef Mousavi: Guitar

Hussam Al Assaf: Oud, Singer

Nikoo Mansourifar: Daf

Linshan Sui: Guzheng

Hayley Ryerson: Violin

Saeed Foroughi: Flute

Janvier Nahimana: Brundy Drums Band

Jiabin Lio: Erhu

Pouya Shekarriz: Tonbak

Ehsan Dehghanizadeh: Tar

Raya Kouhy: Santoor

Arash Delavar: Guitar

Darshini Shah: Indian Dancer

Sari Noemi: Dancer

Koosha Khoramian: Singer

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* Photos captured by TJ Maguire

Paul O'Regan Hall, Halifax Central Library

5440 Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, NS B3J 1E9

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