OBEY Convention XI OXI presents Un Blonde + Anaïs Maviel + Markus Floats

Sun, May 27 at 7pm

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OBEY Convention and Halifax Jazz Festival presents

Un Blonde + Anaïs Maviel + Markus Floats  

Fort Massey, 7pm Sunday May 27, 2018


Un Blonde 

Un Blonde is the solo project of Montreal-based musician, producer, and composer Jean- Sebastian Audet, whose world is a constantly mutating series of musical environments, forging brilliant connections between contemporary r&b, cubist avant-funk, low-key soul and confessional songwriting. Since 2012 Audet has released over 7 albums under his various monikers including Un Blonde, Faux Fur, You Are Minez and Zouk Fuck, each one a distinct constellation of his inimitable talent. His most recent effort, Good Will Come To You, sold-out its short-run Egg Paper cassette release instantly and later found wide acclaim as an expanded LP re-released through stalwart Calgary label Flemish Eye in 2017. Since then, Audet has drop one compact, speckless single, ‘Nerve For The Ages’ which premiered when news traveled that he’d signed to ANTIRecords. Whatever comes next from this rising phenom, we expect it will knock us sideways; he’ s been doing that since he was 16 years old. Repeatedly. Every damn time.

Anaïs Maviel

Anaïs Maviel is a vocalist, percussionist, composer, educator, curator & healer based in New York. Her recent work focuses on the function of music as understood in traditional societies: essential to settling common grounds and addressing relation. Inspired by Martinique thinker Édouard Glissant’s reflections on Creolization, Maviel entwins her work with the inextricable currents that move spaces and people between times and lands. Her solo performances are an effortless blend of genres and cultures, centering her stunning, exploratory vocal paths as they’re accompanied by tender surdo (Brazilian drum) and n’goni (West African harp). A creative force capable of assuaging pain and distance through deep, delicate sounding.

Markus Floats  

Markus Floats is the solo project of Montréal musician Markus Lake. He presents audiences with lush soundscapes and dynamic textures that explore the affecting possibilities of real-time digital signal processing. Markus’ 2017 debut is one of our favourite ambient albums in recent memory, an engaging set with a subtle range that provides the perfect soundtrack for deep thinking. He recently released his second album, titled simply Second Album.


Accessibility notes: all ages, accessible entrance at 5303 Tobin St., non-gendered washrooms, accessible washroom via ramp by exiting building

Fort Massey Church

5303 Tobin Street
Halifax, NS

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