OBEY Convention XI OXI presents Pharmakon + Vile Creature

Sat, May 26 at 7:30pm

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OBEY Convention and Taz Records presents

Pharmakon + Vile Creature

Seahorse Tavern, 7:30pm Saturday May 26, 2018



With the release of 2017’s transcendent, rib-crushing LP Contact, Margaret Chardiet celebrated the ten-year anniversary of her solo project, Pharmakon. The undisputed queen of NYC’s harsh noise underground, Chardiet has worked tirelessly to bring new edges, new ideas into a realm traditionally reserved for expressions of alienation and withdrawal. Employing gnarled industrial pulses, heavy power electronics, and unbridled vocal release, Chardiet envelops the audience into a heavy, collective energy. This energy/empathy has always been at the heart of Pharmakon’s ritualistic performances. With Contact, finally, Chardiet has created a body of work that reflects this exchange. As the adjoining artist statement insists: “When we pick up on transmissions between the private rooms inside our heads and the flesh of our vessels, when thought escapes its isolation and is seen, heard and understood. When our mind uses the body in order to transcend and escape it! The moments of connection/communion/CONTACT, when the veil is for a brief but glorious moment lifted, and we are free. Empathy! EMPATHY, NOW!”

Vile Creature

This blackened doom metal two-piece hails from Hamilton, Ontario. Their most recent release, Cast Of Static and Smoke, is a rib-crushing headtrip. Over four tracks running 44 minutes, Vic and KW (self-described as an ‘antioppressive, angry, queer doom cult’) take the listener on a journey centering around a postapocalyptic sci-fi narrative. Written first as a short story then conceptualized as an album, the LP skirts the conceptual pitfalls of becoming heavyhanded; the results are just fucking HEAVY, full stop. Transitioning seamlessly between ideas and flowing beautifully between motives while retaining a torturous gnarl, Cast Of Static and Smokemarks the duo as one of the most exciting doom outfits on the continent.


accessibility notes: 19+, Accessible entrance at Portland Pl. accessible washroom, non-gendered washrooms

Seahorse Tavern

2037 Gottingen
Halifax, NS B3K 3B1

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