Classical Persian concert by Two Virtuoso Musicians
Poetry of Omar Khayam

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Two virtuoso masters of Persian music, Saeed and Mohammad, weave contemporary elements into the ancient Persian classical music in a rare appearance at Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts. Based on deeply spiritual poetry of Omar Khayyam, their music takes you to an enchanting and meditative journey through a rich heritage.

From high mountain ranges and fertile coastal areas to vast desert plains, Persia is a land of contrasts. Persian people often explain the profound spirituality of their music and poetry as a response to the landscape as well as to the country's turbulent history, marked by successive invasions from the ancient Greeks onwards. The beauty of the country's refined and intensely personal music lies in the intricate nuances of the freely flowing solo melody lines, which are often compared with the elaborate design found on Persian miniature paintings. For centuries, poetry has played a central role in the Persian culture.

At this concert the poetry of Omar Khayyam will be recited in English with vocal sections traditionally set to the medieval mystic music.

Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts

6199 Chebucto Rd
Halifax, NS B3L 1K7

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