Kooni at Queer Acts Theatre Festival

Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 8pm

Kooni - Written and performed by Izad Etemadi, Direction and Dramaturgy by Liza Balkan, Film Direction by Moze Mossanen and Stage Management by Steph Raposo. (60 Min, Bus Stop Theatre)


[koo-knee] Persian. Noun. 

1. A person who is known to have anal sex. This term is most often used towards men to imply homosexuality.2. Commonly used as an insult.3. Mostly used as slang for “fag.” 


“Dude, you’re so Kooni.” 


His parents left Iran over 30 years ago in search for a better life for their children. Going back to Iran now could result in mandatory military service and even, death. But what if they hadn’t made that selfless choice? What would his life look like? This Canadian ‘Kooni’ contrasts his life in Canada with an imagined one in Iran, integrating the two worlds through live performance and video. 


Izad last visited Halifax in 2015 with his comedic hit Love With Leila, which is currently on stage at OUTstages in Victoria. 


The Bus Stop Theatre

Thursday July 13th, 8:00PM

Friday July 14th, 8:00PM

Sunday July 16th, 8:00PM

The Bus Stop THeatre

Halifax, NS B3K 3B5