Natural Forces

Votive Dance proudly presents Natural Forces

Featuring choreography by Halifax based choreographers: Kathleen Doherty, Stephanie Mitro, Michele Slattery and Lydia Zimmer. 

Lydia Zimmer will premiere her new work "Embankment" featuring dance artists Rhonda Baker, Vivika Ballard and Kathleen Doherty. 

Stephanie Mitro has created a new work on 14 young dance students through the Votive Dance Youth Project. These talented dancers have come together from 5 different dance schools for a unique performance and learning experience. 

Michele Slattery will premiere her new solo work "Who?>", and Stephanie Mitro will perform a remounted company piece from 2013 choreographed by Kathleen Doherty. 

David Mack. Murray Studio Theatre (Dalhousie Arts Centre)

6101 University Ave
Halifax, NS B3J 2V9

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