Let's Try This Standing & Sickboy Live Show

Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 7pm

This event has passed.


Join Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor for a live version of the Sickboy podcast, where they have frank and sometimes offside conversations about the absurdity of illness and life. For more about Sickboy, click here


The performance of Let's Try This Standing begins at 8 pm nightly (2 pm Sunday). Each day there is an opening act at 7 pm (1 pm Sunday), included with your ticket. 

All advance tickets are sold on a Pay What You Can basis until 48 hours before the performance, at which time tickets will be available for $20. 

For those unable to purchase tickets online, tickets can be purchased by cash or cheque (made out to Keep Good (Theatre) Company) at 6068 Quinpool Road. Please contact karen.e.gross@gmail.com to arrange a time to drop by. Tickets purchased in person are available by donation. No amount is too little. 


In 2010 Gillian Clark was hit by an SUV while she was walking down Spring Garden Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was on the sidewalk. Now, Gillian is a professional theatre artist. Let’s Try This Standing is a sixty minute show about shitting on nurses, having sex with atrophied muscles, awkward interactions with bagel eating massage therapists, and everything else that has happened since the accident.

Blending intimate storytelling, observational comedy, and imaginative design, Gillian Clark creates a communal experience with Let’s Try This Standing. It doesn’t offer easy answers, but it does give us a chance to be in a room together and be honest about how okay we are.

Let’s Try This Standing deals with recovery as an ongoing process.

For more information about the show, click here

Neptune's Scotiabank Studio Theatre

1593 Argyle Street
Halifax, NS

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