Primal - Halifax Fringe 2022

The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Co.

  • Masks Required
  • Limited Seating


The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Co. (Logan Robins, Sarah MacKenzie, Sophie Wilcott, Emily Ranson, Olivier Blais, Alynne Sinnema, Ivy Charles, Derek Birkbeck, and Frisia Li)

Primal is an immersive site specific theatrical experience delivered right to your front door/porch/yard/stoop/driveway/nearby park! Join The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company for this bold devised theatre project as they explore the human cost of convenience that is paid when we order online.

With a focus on eclectic creative storytelling through text, movement, puppetry, music and radical audience accessibility, Primal is a tragicomic theatre experience that asks the question: If we can’t change the world overnight, should we be able to deliver overnight? Your theatre will arrive soon.

Where: Performed at a location of the audience's choosing (porch, driveway, front/backyard, sidewalk, street corner, local park, etc...)


Delivery Dates/Times: The performance will be delivered to you in one of your chosen 'two hour' delivery window(s) on whichever date(s)  you select on the info form.

  • Tuesday, September 6th: 4-6pm
  • Wednesday, September 7th: 10-6pm
  • Thursday, September 8th: 10-6pm
  • Friday, September 9th: 1-9pm

The Performance: This will consist of an approximately 10 minute theatre piece being performed at your home! You can let us know whether a porch, driveway, stoop, lawn, nearby park, or other area would be best! We will arrive at some point within the time window(s) you have chosen.

Each performance may be different and has varying content. Please let us know in the 'notes' section of  the form that will be sent to you if you have any content concerns or questions! You are welcome to gather as many people (audience) as you would like per performance. Depending on the size of your group you may also wish to order up to 3 unique pieces to be performed in one session - the choice is yours!  (If you have a larger group and would like a longer performance please let us know in the notes section of the form).

We will knock/ring at whichever door you instruct us to (or we can call/text upon arrival if you prefer- just make sure to let us know).

**No physical products will be delivered (just ephemeral theatre magic)

Accessibility: If you have any questions at any point through the process or ways in which we can make this experience more accessible for you- do not hesitate to reach out to us at or give Logan a call at (289)-404-4494



Halifax Fringe prioritizes accessibility and community care. We require masks indoors to keep each other safe. Together we can make our festival a safer space for everyone, including our immunocompromised patrons, artists, volunteers, and staff. If you forget yours, free masks will be available at each venue. Thank you for your care and support! 


Various Locations

Halifax, NS B3K 3T8