Live, Laugh, Lipsynch - Halifax Fringe 2022

Brook Rivers, Trinity Foxx & Hunni Kruller

  • Masks Required
  • Limited Seating

50 MIN | $15.00

Comedy | 19+


I LIVE… Laugh, Lipsynch is the show for basic b’s by basic b’s. So, join Brooke Rivers,Trinity Foxx & Hunni Kruller as the wheel of Destiny (‘s Child) decides whether they ‘LIVE’, ‘LAUGH’, or ‘LIPSNYCH’. At random and in a different order each night these queens will need to share real life stories, make you LOL with sickening comedy and make you SCREAM with iconic lip syncs.  


@Misshunnikruller // isthattomhearn 




Halifax Fringe prioritizes accessibility and community care. We require masks indoors to keep each other safe. Together we can make our festival a safer space for everyone, including our immunocompromised patrons, artists, volunteers, and staff. If you forget yours, free masks will be available at each venue. Thank you for your care and support!


Bus Stop Theatre

2203 Gottingen Street
Halifax, NS