Doctor Clarence Saves the World with Science! A Practical Guide - Halifax Fringe 2022

Gabriel Christie

  • Masks Required
  • Limited Seating

20 MIN | $5.00

Comedy | Parental guidance for younger ages is advised


With income inequality, geopolitical instability, and climate change sadly being the standard for the 21st century, many are worried that things will only get worse from here. Worry no more: the world's premier* fringe academic has a plan, and he's a doctor! But Clarence isn’t one of those fancy-schmancy ivy-league doctors who works at Dalhousie; he’s a working-class doctor who is just as smart! More importantly, Doctor Clarence has the same gift that inspired the genius of Einstein and Da Vinci. This is a tool more powerful than empirical evidence or tireless effort: imagination! Watch and learn as he brings his classroom to the stage, and presents his revolutionary fringe theory that'll solve all the world's problems!

Stage manager: Andrew Anglehart, Assistant Director/Assistant Stage Manager: Steph Margaret Simons.

Halifax Fringe prioritizes accessibility and community care. We require masks indoors to keep each other safe. Together we can make our festival a safer space for everyone, including our immunocompromised patrons, artists, volunteers, and staff. If you forget yours, free masks will be available at each venue. Thank you for your care and support!

Neptune Imperial Studio

1589 Argyle Street
Halifax, NS B3J 2B2

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