The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Co. Presents Hippoposthumous
at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 53 (July 22nd)

Fri, Jul 22, 2022 at 8pm

  • All ages (recommended 10+)
  • PWYC Tickets!
  • Post show talkback with the Playwright!
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Join The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company at the beautiful waterfront greenspace outside of the Legion for a stunning sunset performance of Hippoposthumous! What better way to spend a lovely July evening after 'chasing the ace' than to cool down by the water for the world premiere of an original outdoor musical? Join The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Co. as we make a splash on a tour across the maritimes sharing stories about hippos, bowler hats, and even William Shakespeare?!


About the Show
"Hippoposthumous is a young, slightly nervous, and surprisingly polymathic hippopotamus living in Colombia’s lush Magdalena River- misplaced in time and space. With their future hanging in the balance, they wallow into the spotlight to explore through rhythm and rhyme the idea of “invasive species''- from Starlings in Halifax to Giraffes in Paris. This warm hearted tragicomic musical explores the duality of being an immigrant and unwitting colonizer and follows Hippoposthumous on a poetic odyssey to discover where they’re from and what it takes to truly belong."

PLUS! Have you always wondered how hippos swim if they're so heavy? Where to start when you are writing a play? You can stick around after the show for a special talkback and Q&A session with the playwright/director (Logan Robins) who is exicted to answer all of your theatre and hippo questions- Free of charge!


Tickets to this performance are available on a PWYC (Pay What You Can) basis! This means you can choose your own ticket price based on what you wish to give (from $0-$100)! You can bring your own folding chairs/blankets or borrow one of ours at no extra cost. All funds raised by ticket sales will go directly to the talented artists who bring this show to life!

We ask that no matter how much you choose to donate to UDTC that you reserve tickets through this site so we can best prepare for our audience each night!


If you encounter any barriers to accessing this show please contact us at: and we will do all we can to ensure you can comortably and safely enjoy this production. If you have any content concerns please reach out and we can give a full rundown of applicable content warnings. We are also able to provide text copies of the script, pre-show touch tours, and designating seating upon request- just let us know in advance!


Written, Directed, and Produced by Logan Robins

Original Music by Logan Robins & Katherine Norris

Starring Katherine Norris as Hippoposthumous

              Claudia Liz as Doctor Nataly Jiménez Riaño

              Lucas Hernandes Nascimento as Doctor Enrique Parra Santos

Production Assistance by Emily Ranson and Sophie Wilcott

Dramaturgy by Lara Lewis with support from "Playwright's Atlantic Resource Centre"


For more information about Hippoposthumous, our summer tour, and The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Co, check out !  If you have any questions at all please send an email to!

Baddeck Royal Canadian Legion

37 Ross St, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0