LEGacy Interrupted

By LEGacy Circus

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60 MIN


family-friendly with content warnings around disability material (removal and reveal of prosthetic legs) and mention of mental health. 


LEGacy Circus (Vanessa Furlong and Erin Ball) has not been in the same space together since the end of 2019. The presentation itself is an exploration and expansion of our last Halifax Fringe Festival piece. In 2019, we were awarded "Best Direction" and "Best Circus Show" at the Halifax Fringe Festival Awards for our show "The World At Our Feet". 


During the lockdowns in 2020-2021, Vanessa and Erin workshopped digitally with artistic director/dramaturg of Ships Company Theatre, Richie Wilcox. We also are participating in a digital residency with Summerworks Toronto to explore the ways in which a circus duo can work while living provinces apart. 


Photo Credit: Grim Photography 

LEGacy Circus at Halifax Fringe 2019


Image description: Suspended in the air, wrapped in the ropes above a trapeze bar that hangs from the ceiling. Erin, a white femme with no lower legs, splits her legs and smiles. She holds one rope, body above the metal bar. Vanessa, a white woman, is upside down above Erin, hanging by one leg. The two wear outfits that match their skin and Erin’s has some red in it. 

Access notes: Our show will have ASL Interpretation, integrated description as well as creative description. It is a low vision-friendly show. It will be a relaxed performance meaning that the lights will not be fully down, the music will not be at intense volumes, you are free to move around, make noise, take breaks, etc. We will also have a live-streamed option. More details to come. More access notes to come, like a touch tour, and more.If you have any specific requests or questions, please email us legacycircus@gmail.com

legacycircus.com @legacy_circus @erinballcircus @vanessa_bobess

Neptune Theatre's Scotiabank Stage

1589 Argyle Street
Halifax, NS B3J 2B2

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