Le Jeu - Physical Theatre Play Creation with Ann-Marie Kerr

Tue, Feb 25 from 5:15pm - 7:15pm

This event has passed.

Based on the methods of Jacques Lecoq the class is designed to introduce ways of playing and imagining theatre creation. The exploration is primarily physical in its approach to character creation and in identifying natural instincts for play. There is a focus on freedom through improvisation and accessing a natural pleasure to play and invent. In the work, discoveries are made about play - and its rules - and how the rules arise out of the play itself. This workshop culminates with short pieces of theatre created by the participants that could be used as starting points for scenes or fuller productions.

If you have questions about accessibility or any other aspect of this workshop, please email karen@2btheatre.com.


You can also book your ticket by paying cash or e-transfer to 2b student reps Christian (Christian.Ludwig.Hansen@dal.ca), Ella (macdonald.ella.m@gmail.com), or Keely (keelyolstad@gmail.com). 


If you are interested in participating in this workshop, but cost is an issue, you can book a free spot through our Access 2b program, sponsored by O'Regan's. 

Please register in advance to participate in this workshop. It's important for us to know who to expect on the day!

Studio 2 at Dalplex

Halifax, NS

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