Atlantic Auteurs #1

Wed, Jun 8, 2016 at 7pm

This event has passed.

Experimentation takes many forms in this manic showcase of new short works from Atlantic Canada. NSCAD professor Solomon Nagler premieres skin of the cit-y, a hand-manipulated 16mm work, while his student Yalitsa Riden exploits digital tools to make her HIFF debut with the split-screen sensory experience Death Flame. Danny Boos returns to HIFF with the realist drama Bound – a sharp departure from his earlier experimental work – and Seth Smith’s Wind Through a Tree offers a series of peephole vignettes that evoke a long lost America’s Funniest Home Videos episode no one was ever, ever supposed to see.

SKIN OF THE CIT-Y | Solomon Nagler | 5 minutes

WIND THROUGH A TREE | Seth Smith | 10 minutes

BOUND | Danny Boos | 11 minutes

DEATH FLAME | Yalitsa Riden | 3 minutes

CLIPPED WINGS: on the Fringes of China's Boom | Urs Frei | 22 minutes

SEAN + DEVIN HANGING OUT | Todd Fraser | 2 minutes

A SUICIDE AT THE GUN RANGE | Stephanie Clattenburg | 10 minutes

MAZE | James MacSwain | 9 minutes

A Q+A with the directors will follow the screening.

North Street Church

5657 North Street
Halifax, NS

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